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Lay hold of that symbol

June 12, 2010


September 15th, 1917

“You have the chance as far as it is at all possible, to make a new beginning. Don’t throw it away. If you insist on digging deep into yourself you won’t be able to avoid the muck that will well up. But don’t wallow in it. If the infection in your lungs is only a symbol, as you say, a symbol of the infection whose inflammation is called X and whose depth is its own deep justification, if this is so, then the medical advice (light, sun, rest) is also a symbol. Lay hold of that symbol.”

from Kafka’s Diary



April 13, 2009

Outline Address Mom’s Better

  • Did what she wanted live life ->
    us, piano & not what we wanted
    had much potential – did not care
  • Did not encourage us rather us
    have low-esteem, then being (“better
    than stone”)
  • No respect for self now
    I must struggle w/ greater curse

  • Gave almost $1,000 & not like I
    owed more & had no problem until,
    you had a gran as man living in the
    home free charge getting any grocery
    rented & thought it was cool.
  • All for the sake of a man


Big Ball

February 21, 2009