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– and me of a width and height
______and a different width
– carrying horses to the shore
– by the inlet where the baby was stiff
– intent on the Puget Sound
– of horses baying
– sound & Squawmish
– I was stiff in the width and height
– such was
– Orcas driven around the Isle
______of Hope
– my tender foot intended stiff
– was I, carried through finishing school
– a battery of roses
– carniverous
– Old Money
– made flighty among a pod of Orcas listening
– a different width
– intent on the Puget Sound
– with horses dimly ashore
– O which they
______had always caused me salmon!
– along such widths a different height
– shooing horses & bees
– a battery of Orcas sounding Squawmish
– at Rainier Pk.
– cavernous
– carried through the height & width
– The Isle of Hope
– intent
– through and through
– a silvery spread

note: photos of chicago, sanfran, and washington coming soon. I’m in Portland right now.