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Story of Stuff

December 26, 2007

Click the above image to see the Story of Stuff, a very creative way of explaining a pretty complicated cycle of problems.


  • concise, lighthearted, good animation, not too emotional, keeping with the basic facts
  • you probably already know all this stuff, but it’s nice to be reminded, and it’s also nice to see the “big picture” which it keeps in perspective here
  • links on the website show you things you can do to combat the problems


  • although I admire the initiative, the main problem is that we have a paradigm of consumption. The solution to this problem is not make people feel bad for consuming so much, not because it’s not true, but because it’s not gonna do any good. Though we ARE guilty, guilt (as an emotion and as a motivator) is not a good way to enact change; plenty of people feel guilty for eating fatty foods, but they still do it. Likewise, some of the solutions in this video are too reactionary and “easy”.
  • every part of the “cycle” needs attacking, but how do we do it? “Change” still seems very out of reach other than those things we’ve all heard a million times… recycle, don’t waste, etc. What can we actually do to reverse the process, to change the paradigm?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the answers. This is still a good video and a good first step.


Calder’s Miniature Circus

November 29, 2007

See a video of Calder’s Circus in action!