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The Inchworm Experiments

April 10, 2012

A few weekends back, the weather was turning warm, and I started noticing inchworms everywhere. They would dangle from trees on their little silken strings and let the wind carry them somewhere. I found it incredibly beautiful (and probably pretty fun for the inchworm too). I’m not sure if anybody’s ever filmed inchworms dangling before. I found YouTube videos of their incredibly cute walk, but not of them dangling about, so I decided to make a few. These are quite long and possibly boring, but that’s why they’re experiments:


Begone Dull Care

December 17, 2009


Theme De Yoyo

August 21, 2009

Les Stances a Sophie cover

Your head is like a yoyo
Your neck is like a string
Your body’s like Camembert
Oozing from its skin
Your fanny’s like two sperm whales
Floating down the sand
Your voice is like a long fuck
That’s music to your brain

One of the greatest songs I’ve heard recently is by the group The Art Ensemble of Chicago. Theme De Yoyo is the first song off their album Les Stances a Sophie which was made in 1970 as a soundtrack album for a film, but the whole album is great. As I understand it, I don’t think the music was actually ever used in the film. I’ve bought several other Art Ensemble of Chicago albums and they have all been a little too noise/experimental for me. I think they strike the perfect balance here between chaos and melody (at least for my taste).

Download: Theme De Yoyo (mp3)